How to Resolve Unmatched Trades in iScheduleD Portfolio Manager

Please check out the FAQ "Why I have unmatched trades when iScheduleD Portfolio Manager is used to calculate capital gains?" before reading this tutorial. This will help you gain a better understanding about the issue.

Choose a tax year to calculate capital gains and losses.

Calculate Schedule D Gains and Losses


A button titled "Unmatched Trades" often shows up to warn you that some stock and option trades were not matched. You will need to take a look and determine how to resolve those unmatched trades.

Found Unmatched Trades


After clicking on button "Unmatched Trades", a dialog window pops up to show a list of stock and option trades.

Date,Action,Symbol,Quantity,Price,Commission,Net Amount,Description
01/13/2010,Sell,AEPI,15.0,40.2,9.99,593.0,AEP INDUSTRIES INC
12/13/2010,Buy,AIG,10.0,48.9,5.0,-494.0,AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC NEW
01/26/2010,Sell,EDZ,1000.0,5.81,9.99,5799.93,DIREXION DAILY EMERGING MARKETBEAR
05/10/2010,Buy To Open,SDS JUN 19 '10 32 CALL,4.0,1.72,8.0,-696.06,4 SSH JUN 19 10 32 CALL SDS

In this example, there are 3 stock trades and 1 option trade shown as unmatched. There are no opening trades for AEPI and EDZ. The 500 shares of AIG bought on 12/13/2010 are open positions. The stock option SDS JUN 19 '10 32 CALL expired on June 19, 2010.

The open positions, which are shown as unmatched trades, can be ignored. You can resolve them next tax year. You need to provide Buy side trades for AEPI and EDZ. You need to resolve the expired option SDS JUN 19 '10 32 CALL.

Click on "Export To CSV" to export unmatched trades to an .csv file.

Check Unmatched Trades


Save the export as unmatched_trades.csv somewhere on your computer.

Export Unmatched Trades to CSV


Open the unmatched_trades.csv file using MS Excel or a simple text editor such as NotePad.

Save unmatched_trades.csv


Copy and paste all the listed trades to the end of the file. You need to remove the last two columns "Net Amount" and "Description". You need to modify the four columns: "Date", "Action", "Price" and "Commission".

06/19/2010,Sell To Close,SDS JUN 19 '10 32 CALL,4.0,0,0

After adding all the missing trades, you can remove the four unmatched trades from the top of the file.

Add Missing Trades


Save the edited file as a .csv file "missing_trades.csv".

Save missing_trades.csv


You can now go back to your portfolio and import the "missing_trades.csv" using "Generic Format 1- Transactions (*.csv)".

Import missing_trades.csv



Click on the "ScheduleD" tab to calculate capital gains and losses again.

Calculate Schedule D Again


Now, you have only one unmatched trade, which is an open position for AIG. You can ignore it since you have not sold those 10 shares of AIG or you plan to import the sale of 10 shares of AIG next tax year.

Check Unmatched Trades Again


You can now close the "Unmatched Stock and Option Trades" dialog and click on "Export to TXF" to generate a TXF file for import into tax software such as TurboTax and TaxCut.

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