TXF Reader - TXF2CSV

TXF Reader can combine TXF (Tax eXchange Format) records and generate Form 1040 Schedule D reports (Form 1040) directly. You can also convert TXF files to CSV (Comma Delimited) files. The converted CSV files can be imported into a spreadsheet application (e.g., MS Excel) for the purpose of tracking transactions or filing tax returns.

In general, tax preparation software such as TurboTax and TaxCut has a limit on the total number of records imported from a TXF file. For example, you can not import more than 3,000 TXF records into TurboTax. If you are an active investor and have more than 3,000 transaction records, you may consider buying TXF Reader to reduce the total number of transaction records and generate a smaller TXF file for import into tax preparation software. The reduction is done by combining multiple gain/loss record of the same security symbol, of the same acquired date and of the same sold date into one.

TXF Reader Basic TXF Reader Demo
$9.99 USD Free Demo
Launches TXF Reader Demo

TXF Reader is downloadable software with a single-user license. The license fee is only $9.99 USD. No annual subscription. No additional costs or fees.

If you were unable to launch the demo of TXF Reader, please install Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 and then re-launch the demo. Please check out the FAQ for troubleshooting. This demo can process up to 10 gain/loss records per TXF file.

A Quick Tutorial

Double click txf-reader.jar to launch the program.
Click on "Choose File ..." to open a TXF file.

Open a TXF File in TXF Reader

Select "Combine Records" to combine gain/loss records of the same security symbol, of the same acquired date, and of the same sold date. The example shows that the number of transaction records is reduced from 13555 to 278.

Combine Capital Gain/Loss Records in TXF Reader

Click on Export To TXF, Export To Spreadsheet or Print to output capital gains and losses according to your personal needs.

Export Capital Gain/Loss Records to TXF of Excel
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