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TXF Express ® is specialized in processing stock and option trade data for import into popular tax software programs. We provide simple and inexpensive solutions to save your time and money on preparing tax returns. Using our products and services, you can import your capital gains and losses into any tax software program that accepts TXF (Tax eXchange Format) such as TurboTax and TaxCut. You can easily generate Form 1040 Schedule D tax forms in a matter of minutes.

iScheduleD Portfolio Manager TXF Creator TXF Reader TXF Online
iScheduleD TXF Creator TXF Reader TXF Online
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TXF Express products and services have direct support for the following brokers:

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Charles Schwab
  • ETrade Financial
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Interactive Brokers *
  • OptionsHouse
  • OptionsXpress
  • ShareBuilder
  • MB Trading
  • ProFunds
  • Scottrade
  • Terra Nova
  • TradeKing
  • Vanguard
  • Zecco
  • Penson
  • EOption
  • ThinkOrSwim
  • Dimension Trading
  • Firstrade
* : iScheduleD Portfolio Manager does not support Interactive Brokers.

In addition to supporting Comma Delimited (CSV) files, iScheduleD Portfolio Manager can import stock and option trades from several financial data formats including Open Financial Exchange (OFX), Quicken Financial Exchange (QFX) and Quicken Interchange Format (QIF). This offers greate flexibility in managing trade data from multiple borkers and different data sources.

If your broker is not listed, TXF Express also provides simple solutions for you. TXF Express software products support several generic CSV data formats (e.g., Transaction History, Realized Gain/Loss and CSV Customized Conversion). You can easily convert your stock and option trade data from other brokers into one of these generic formats and then use our products and services to generate TXF files.

Or you can get a FREE COPY of TXF Creator Standard Edition if you provide a sample data file along with the instructions for generating the file from your broker's website. Just send your sample file and detailed download instructions to We will add direct support for your broker and send you a free software copy within three business days.


TXF Creator attempts to save you time and effort with its smooth ability to convert financial files from online investment sites and third-party financial software into tax-friendly formats. Its incredibly simple operation and fast results make for a sure-fire hit with those who invest a lot and file their own taxes.

by CNET EDITORS on October 23, 2009

TXF and Schedule D Made Easy!

Easy to use interface with multibroker support. Outstanding customer service. The ability to set up different portfolio profiles. Being a .jar executable it has virtually no obtrusive footprint. The capability to base the import on custom CSVs.

by rdskins4 on March 02, 2011

Simple, Fast and Does The Job at a Good Price

Importing CSV files from your broker is simple and straight forward. Easier than I thought. Once this is done this application easily calculates a schedule D for any year you choose. I imported each year separately as CSV files all the way back to 2004. This app took everything and saves it all together so you have it in there. You just keep adding to it as the years go by.

by fuzzsdad on February 17, 2011

Greatly Simplifies Tax Preparation for Active Traders

It's tax time and iScheduleD Portfolio Manager unlike any other I've seen offers the simplest way to bring multiple brokerage transactions together, with the ability to quickly modify the CSV files ahead of import for those special positions that require manual-cost basis adjustment. Nothing around I've found to do this, and I've looked extensively. I'll be recommending this to any of my friends who are active traders.

by grinnibrit71 on March 10, 2010