Online brokers such as Charles Schwab, E*Trade, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, TradeKing and many others do not provide sufficient support for importing stock and option transactions into tax software such as TaxCut and TurboTax. Fortunately, most brokers allow their clients to download trade data in an open standard format or a broker-specific format, most often in Open Financial Exchange (.OFX), Comma Delimited (.CSV), or MS Excel (.XLS) formats.

Direct Broker Support

TXF Express provides direct support for multiple brokerage firms listed on the right panel. Please follow the instructions for an individual broker to download trade data. You can choose iScheduleD Portfolio Manager, TXF Creator and TXF Online to generate .TXF files for import into TurboTax and TaxCut. If your broker is not listed on the right panel, TXF Express also provides several simple solutions.

Comma Delimited Data Conversion

Comma Separated Values (CSV), which is also known as Comma Delimited (*.csv), is one of the most popular financial data exchange formats. Most brokerage firms allow clients to export or download stock and option transactions or realized gain/loss in the CSV format. If your broker is not directly supported by TXF Express (as listed on the right panel), the built-in Comma Delimited feature is right for you. This feature handles two main types of trade data: Transactions and Realized Gain/Loss. It is very flexible and accurate. You can specify proper column indexes to parse many kinds of trade data. » Continue Reading

Generic Format - Transaction History

Generic Format - Transaction History offers the simplest CSV data format support for stock and option trades. All TXF Express software products support this data format. You can easily convert trade data from many brokes to this format. Here is a sample data file. Date,Action,Symbol,Quantity,Price,Commission
10/18/2007,Sell Short,YGE,500,31.35,9.99
10/19/2007,Buy to Cover,YGE,500,32.45,9.99
11/11/2007,Buy to Open,.AXZ,10,2.45,9.95
12/09/2007,Sell to Close,.AXZ,10,3.15,9.95
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Generic Format - Realized Gain/Loss

Generic Format - Realized Gain/Loss is a CSV data format for stock and option trade matches. It is the most useful for trade data in the form of cost basis & sales or cost & proceeds. Many brokers such as Fidelity and ETrade provide realized gain and loss data, which you can easily convert to this data format as shown by a sample data file below. Symbol,Quantity,Date Acquired,Cost,Date Sold,Proceeds,Gain
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